Bane Hunter

CEO - Technology

headshot of Bane Hunter


Bane Hunter is a distinguished figure in the tech industry, boasting a global executive background and a remarkable project and product manager track record. His forte is unraveling complex matters, consistently delivering tangible value to the products, methodologies, and processes under his purview. Throughout his illustrious career, Hunter has lent his expertise to many high-profile companies, spearheading teams that consistently achieve ambitious goals.

As a portfolio executive within a prestigious government services organization, Hunter's qualifications, including certifications in PMP, Prince2, ITIL, CSPO, and CSM, position him as a master in harmonizing diverse projects. He excels in meticulously scoping out tasks and seamlessly coordinating client changes, leveraging his exceptional foresight to anticipate and prepare for many scenarios. Colleagues and superiors rely on his composed demeanor, prompt problem-solving capabilities, and unmatched organizational strategies.

Hunter firmly embraces the principles of Agile/Scrum in his professional endeavors. Not only do these principles provide ethical guidelines for government-focused teams, but they also furnish a robust framework that facilitates a clear understanding of roles and responsibilities. Bane Hunter has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of these principles, particularly when confronted with rapidly changing objectives—a common occurrence in the dynamic tech industry. His ability to adapt swiftly to evolving circumstances has become second nature.

Known for his forward-thinking mindset, Bane perpetually drives innovation by immersing himself in the foundational design aspects of products and services across diverse sectors such as fintech, media, and venture technology. His unparalleled grasp of internal and external factors governing the outcome distinguishes him from his peers. Hunter excels in harnessing various resources, be it cutting-edge AI technology or the collaborative efforts of his team members, always seeking to assemble the puzzle pieces in a manner that benefits the entire collective. At each critical juncture, he meticulously evaluates the risks associated with key decisions, refusing to allow the possibility of failure to hinder the project's progress.